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CLOSE Reading Placemat for Numeracy (23 X 28 wall poster) - CLOSE Reading for Numeracy builds autoMATHticity! This tool was designed for language arts, science, social studies teachers, resource specialists, SLPs and students.  It provides them with a metacognitive strategy and a cognitive routine to conduct a close read of informational and literary-non-fiction text for numeracy concepts and to generate and solve word problems to support understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Using the same verbs in the CLOSE Reading Strategy, students learn to check for vocabulary that represents ordinal & cardinal numbers, numerals, symbols, and general words that represent quantity, operations, and measurement. Students look for and highlight key details in the text to help them to generate or format a solution to a problem. They observe how text and/or problem/task is organized.  Students notice and review key math/science terms, symbols, labels, units of measure… Students learn to seek out signal words that might alert them to a math operation, formula, or algorithm to help generate or solve a problem/task. And they also learn to evaluate how the problem/task relates to real-world situations and explain how they solved the problem/task. (Grades 3-12) * Numeracy and Literacy lift informational text.  It’s not just the quantity of words that create complexity, but the connotative meanings that signal quantity, operations and measurement.

CLOSE Reading Placemat for Numeracy (23 X 28 wall poster)

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