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FACADES word meaning strategy (8 ½ X 14 handout) -The FACADES Word Meaning Strategy is a brain-based tool to facilitate students and educators learning the types of context clues; their semantic and syntactic signals. Each letter of the word FACADES represents or stands for a type of context clue or definition (formal, antonym, compare, apposition, description, example, synonym and structural analysis).  The use of the acronym helps the reader to remember each type of contextual clue.  This classifies as declarative knowledge and is a prerequisite in using context clues to determine the meanings of unknown words. When students use context clues, they are paying attention to the semantic and syntactic relationship of the words around the unknown word or phrase.  The tool provides a student friendly definition and an example from authentic text for each context clue. (Grades 2-12) and adults

FACADES word meaning strategy (8 ½ X 14 handout)

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