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Meet The Founder

Dr.Beryl Irene Bailey

With over 40 years of experience in education, Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey brings a new process, tools and resources that is accelerating how children learn. Learn more about the women behind the movement. 

It's elevation
of education!

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Our line of educational learning tools, games and curriculums are helping today's youth achieve higher and process better. We offer the platforms and consulting to take your goals to the next level.

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Education Curriculum

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Language Based Games

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Four teachers will deliver a learning experience designed to help these students come away with additional strategies for close reading, utilizing a process from literacy expert Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey

impacting education

“Punctuation Posse Patrol is a thoughtful culturally relevant instructional support that can benefit students everywhere.  Its thoughtful lyrics and relevant content are easy for students to learn and internalize.  As a superintendent whose primary focus is strengthening literacy across my district, it is a necessary tool for improvement.”

Cecilia Robinson-Woods


Millwood Pubic Schools Oklahoma City, OK.

“Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey’s Punctuation Posse Patrol is yet another pedagogical tool that engages teachers and students in the active learning process.  She is forever thinking of ways to inspire and engage learners as well as find innovative ways to help teachers be more effective and efficient.  Dr. Bailey’s creation of the Punctuation Posse Patrol emanates from her core belief that better prepared teachers will create better students.”

Tony Menelik VanDerMeer, PhD.
Senior Lecturer Africana Studies Department
University of Massachusetts Boston

“Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey’s Punctuation Posse Patrol on iTunes is the most culturally responsive educational rap that I’ve heard in years!  The Millennial educators will love this teaching tool.  It’s timely and relevant for my elementary students.”

Wanda Williams
Joseph R. Pye Elementary School, Dorchester, S.C.


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